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Hi everyone, I've been away from posting for awhile, been packing and doing paperwork and being very anxious about moving. Friday is closing day and I have a lot of anxiety about the move itself. I'm minimizing and downsizing and have thrown overboard every single thing that I was "storing" before as I'll have no storage. I'm going to do that "bring something in, something goes out" thing to fit into my little condo. There is some grief that goes with this, and just general anxiety about closing and the changes, but I generally thrive on change so this time next week I should be okay.

I have not gained but have not lost either. Holding steady for about the last month, have been eating regular food, even pizza and stuff when it's what is easy for me and my team who is helping me. I don't keep food at my house except for WS so when I have to feed people it's pizza or Chinese. I have also picked up ice cream a few times and been eating out of the candy dish at work. So, of course I'm not losing! But still holding my 25, with birthday cake and lunches and all.

My boss and I got back on the WS train Monday and vowed to stay strict until we vacation together on Sept. 26th for a week. It does help having a buddy, and when I stay on plan, I lose. It's funny to find out what things call to me when I'm giving myself permission to eat outside plan: for me it's pizza and ice cream, not doughnuts and hamburgers and chips like it might be for someone else. After several months strictly on plan this information is useful to me. Oh and don't forget candy. Apparently I have a little candy dish problem when I want to. Stop it Granny!

Glad to have the new folks and and old folks who have experienced these things as well. Here's what I know about this plan and others: It works if you work it! Wish me luck this weekend and I'll try to remember WATER IS MY FRIEND.

for every 5 lbs. lost!
1) Break 200 lbs.
2) Normal fasting blood sugar with no meds (70-100mg)
3) No longer morbidly obese (162-180 lbs.)
4) No X on clothes
5) No longer obese (150-156 lbs.)
6) Healthy weight (114-144 lbs.)
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