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Good morning girls. I turned off the ac for a bit, but doubt it will stay off long as we are expecting more of the 90's today. Jack says he is going back to regular hours on Tuesday no matter what anyone else does. Found out most of the early stuff is because the plant manager is allowing 2 hrs of overtime per day now so they come in early and work 10 hours and get off at 4. Only thing is Jack says because it isn't light at 6 AM no one works until 7 so they aren't working 10 hours but 9. He told his boss he is not staying on the early schedule and not working it next year either. They are given a choice and he tried to be nice this year and accomodate his boss, but it is too hard on him and since it isn't a demand he is working his regular hours during the summer months.

Sweater is finished except for stitching up and doing the neckband and armbands. I am washing the two pieces then will block them and probably next week sew it up. I am afraid it may be too big since I have lost weight, but we shall see. Like Jack said, too big is nice, but I told him too big is nice on bought clothing, but on hours and hours of knitting not so much.

This weekend we are having a meal with Kelly's family and commissary on Sunday. I am going to start picking up stuff like Lysol spray, handwash, stuff like that and put it aside for the trip and get snacks as I see them and commissary has them.

Nothing much else going on. Still waiting on those durn pants! Everyone have a good middle of the week. I think I am going to sit and read for a bit then get started on chores. Faye
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