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I've become addicted to Italian Cream Sodas using these...

I start with crushed ice (it's best crushed, trust me...)
Add 4-6 squirts of whatever flavor, combo of flavors I want that day (I have almost the full collection of SF syrups...)
put enough club soda in the glass to almost fill it.
Add a TBSP or so of heavy whipping cream (or half and half).

Stir and enjoy :-)

Most of the syrups will work well if you do it in that order. If you mix up the order, sometimes the cream doesn't jive with the syrup and you have a clumpy mess in your glass. But if you do it this way, most flavors will work well.

My favorite is a peach/coconut/white chocolate combo. Also addicted to Raspberry/chocolate/vanilla. Watermelon does not make me happy. Brown Sugar Cinnamon is only good if you use a tiny bit mixed with chocolate and salted caramel. Lime needs to be mixed in with something else like raspberry to make it good.

I've also used caffeine free coke zero instead of club soda, with only 2-3 squirts of syrup. Also good. Especially with raspberry and lemon or lime.

I've also used the syrups in homemade hot chocolate instead of sugar and it tastes delish! Peppermint and salted caramel are my faves in hot chocolate.
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