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Good morning to you ladies. Another sunny day here and I imagine it will be very hot by this afternoon.

I am still waiting on those darn gray slacks and hope they come today. Our spare bedroom looks like an explosion hit it with clothing, shoes, suitcases and all kinds of stuff. We laminated and put on the luggage tags last night so the bags are good to go. Jack printed out the cruise documents, which we don't need, but I feel better just having them. It is basically a bunch of information.

I have the back of the sweater done again and it looks fine. I am still nervous about whether I have enough for the front. If I can get the sweater knitting done and I run out, I will make the neckline and armholes white and it should look ok. I still have 30 rows for each side to do before sewing it up and then knitting on the neckline and armholes.

Maggie: I looked up the soap and they have some strange soap combos. Don't exactly know what dragon's blood is but it is mixed with the goat's milk soap. I am allergic to eucalyptus and patchouli, but love sandalwood so that sandalwood and citrus would be the one I would probably use. They are awfully expensive though. The ones I saw are like $7 a bar. Hope you enjoy yours.

Jean: You should buy yourself these little stitch markers that I have. I get them at my knitting place online and they are like little plastic safety pins. If you marked your row it would be easier to count. I don't know how difficult it is to change colors in crocheting. It isn't hard at all do to in knitting. We have these big sun umbrellas the year we bought them to go to Florida then had to change our plans because of a tropical storm. You connect them to the chair.

Well, gotta get going. We are having chicken and noodles tonight so I have the chicken going in the crockpot. I have to get dusting and vacuuming done this morning so should get to it. Have a good Tuesday. Faye
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