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Good morning everyone. Here we go back up into the 90's again and it is going to be sticky too. Jack has one more weeK (this one) on the early schedule then they are going back to the regular one. That is if the supervisor told Jack the truth. He says most of the guys are going to be peeved because they like it. He despises it and says it really doesn't make much difference, which was to help with the heat. The heat doesn't get bad out there until around lunchtime so he says you are at work that time of day either schedule.

Weigh in today and am down another 3 lbs. I can feel my collar bones!

I have to get upstairs and clean bathrooms today and I dread it because of the heat. I forgot to tell Jack to leave the ac on when he got up. Oh well, it has to be done.

I am hoping those darn pants from JMS come today and my little pig for my bracelet. That will be in until this weekend when I ordered my necklaces and I have a bunch of makeup I want to get to take on the trip. I have had bags under my eyes for a long time and they drive me nuts. I googled how to make them not noticeable and found out how so I am going to get the stuff I need and try it. I have to say the baby lotion is working better than anything I have ever tried on my skin. My younger sister swore by it and has used it for probably 40 years.

Jean: Sounds like you adopted our weather. I don't think either way, wayyyy cold or hot makes a good football game. I think the hot is a lot more dangerous for the boys though. I laughed when I read fix the tractor and farm clothes. I got the "fix the tractor" and then "farm clothes" and got the giggles. When I reread it I understood it but the first time around I got the giggles. What are you making you need yarn again or are you still working on Beth's blanket? I am up to the shoulders on the back now and praying I have enough to finish front and back having used the heavier yarn on the back.

You all have a great start to your week. I need to get going and get stuff done. Faye
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