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Hi everyone! We've been riding a lot this summer! On the new bike I've already got over 6000 miles! 3000 were on it. So about 1000 per month. Not too bad for weekend riding and once or twice a week to work and back. I'm really liking it, and love the "looks" from the loud pipes. DH gave me some crap about an ol' lady in her 40's with the loudest pipes in the bunch, and I decide to have a revving contest at a stop sign! Fun is fun, no matter what your age!

Sounds like you have all been having a great time, and a busy summer. Glad to hear of the fun times! Ian, hope you find a bike you like soon so you can enjoy it yet this summer!

I have gotten back on the wagon... 1st week. Still getting the hang of the diet all over again. My bother kind of kicked me in the rear, telling me I was HIS inspiration to lose weight--and I better get back on plan! I spent 2 hours cutting up fruit. Have salad in the 'fridge... Still went to the folks house for supper and ate! I took them fruit and salad too though! 5 pounds back down (they are always the easiest). I'll let you all know when my "tracker" is actually accurate! It won't be for a while. I lost 85 in 9 months, and gained back 40 over the next 9 months. It's still a loss from 1 1/2 years ago. I will remember through this next 35 pounds how hard it was the first time, and now I have do it all over again, because I was lazy!

It's just after 8:00. I put a load of laundry in, and figured, I may as well just wash these jeans I am I put on my PJ's. OF COURSE, this is when we get unexpected company coming over!! UGGGGH! How embarrassing! I opened the door, and hid behind it. THAT is enough reason to lose some I can wear some cute little PJ's and not look like a hippo in a dress!

Happy riding everyone! Take care!

to get back to where I was when I gave up... then it's a new goal... 10 pounds a month.
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