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Default morning

hello lolly and all those about to post!
just over 2 more hours of work left for me today (we're getting to leave at 2pm). hooray! i'm going to stop at markies (marks & spencers) for nice food and then go watch buffy...i mean take work home and be industrious there... honest.
i'll miss you guys this afternoon. post lots of nice, entertaining messages for me to read thurs morning.
ooh, mayday riots update. the west end is very quiet today in london. lots of shops have boarded up their windows and everyone is dressed casually (so as to blend in with anarchists and not stand out in suits/uniforms). the place is pretty deserted. if no riots happen, they will at least have achieved their goal of disrupting businesses and making them lose lots of money.
hope to speak to you all tomorrow,

ps lolly - do some work!
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