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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is raining sprinkles as I type, but so far have .17" according to the rain gauge. Every little bit helps. Bob set the alarm for 5:15; I was awake too, so got up to start my day. The "boys" were a bit confused because the deck was still dark and it's usually almost light when they get up. They are both taking a nap now. I've done squat nothing except fix an egg for a late breakfast and wash a load of clothes. I stripped the bed but Sonny is sleeping there so will put clean sheets on when he gets up. He's not too spoiled.

Susan -- on winning the tickets! I know you will enjoy the body exhibit! I just saw a picture on FB; the man was going to have his leg amputated and sent to Alaska for the cadaver dogs to practice with. Someone had taken a black magic marker and written "dog bone for Alaska" on the leg.

"Gma" -- I'm glad you figured out how to fix your sweater. I hope it turns out the way you anticipate, with no problems. I do feel better today although my nose is still running.

Maggie -- It's nice of Will to help the neighbor with his project. Bob's farmer friend always says how much he appreciates Bob's help; "two heads and four hands are better than one and two!" I grew up with Miracle Whip whereas MIL used "real" mayo in everything. I'm glad you like your floor.

I need to clean up my egg dishes and move on to get something else done. I should work on clothes but that doesn't interest me in the least. Wish I had yarn and I would start on Will's afghan. Darn! Hope you all enjoy your day, and getting rain if you need it.

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