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Good morning ladies. It is a scorcher this morning. We have everything running full blast. I have laundry to do which of course heats up the house some, but the humidity is 80% so the 80 degree temps feel like 90's.

Woohoo found a solution to my sweater. It isn't a perfect solution, but it is working and I am so glad as I put a lot of money and more than that a lot of effort into making it. I ripped back the back to the shoulder area, cut the yarn then wove in a worsted weight that I bought in the same color (remember the hat???) Well, I am anal about instructions so I had the rows written out row by row when I started decreasing for the armholes. I ripped back to where I wanted to start again, marked it on my list and then started forward again using the worsted, which is basically one up in thickness. I have been knitting in several rows with the worsted then switch to the dk weight yarn then back and forth so it blends pretty well unless you are really looking at it. I have kept measurements to make sure it isn't making it larger, but since I am not doing a huge amount, seems like it is doing ok. When I get to the row where I put in the neckline again, I will drop the back and forth completely and finish the back in the dk weight and should have enough left over to finish the front. This way, the shoulders won't be wider in the back than the front and make it impossible to match the shoulder pieces to sew it together.

Susan: Congrats on the contest win. Several years ago I entered some contest where the winner got all this stuff for bbqing and a bbqing book written by Al Roker. I forgot all about it and one day a box shows up with bbqing tools, pot holders, apron, and this book. It was pretty cool as he signed the book. Have fun at the museum. The museum of science and industry in Chicago has an area about birth. They have these glass cases full of babies from very tiny to full term. These aren't fake, they are human babies. People might find that disturbing, but they weren't murdered, they died in some way and were donated and this was way over 50 years ago. The kids for the most part don't think it is gross but interesting. I found it fascinating as a little kid frankly not appalled. I always say don't tell me there is no God when you seen the miracle of a human being and how they are made.

Jean: They did have a cat, but I didn't put one on the bracelet. I ran out of room! It will have to go on another one I guess. That's why I posted what it would look like using the pattern picture. It is a tighter knit so it would probably have been warmer, but I wanted a really open thin look so it would be cool and using the sock yarn and bigger needles accomplished that. I am just afraid of it rolling as it has stockinette at the top and bottom and that rolls. Take care of yourself and feel better soon!

Time to go and check laundry and back to the sweater. Faye
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