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Good Evening, Flowers! It was another hot and humid day in my corner of the world. I was able to have another day at home to work on sorting clothes. I am embarrassed by how many I have that I've not worn in many years. I found a whole tote in the basement when I was looking for something else this morning. Bob was at an all day golf outing for the health facility where he is on the board. Tomorrow he will be gone all day to pick up his 5th tractor (which we need like I need another cat!). Sunday is Ian's football game in Sioux Falls and Tuesday is soccer games in Sioux City.

"Gma" -- Thanks for sharing the pictures. I wasn't exactly sure what a cowl would look like other than you mentioned wearing it instead of a necklace. Pretty colors! You will have fun wearing your animal bracelet, is there a cat in there some place? Bob's mom put green olives in her potato salad, and sometimes celery. The first time I had it I thought it was weird because I grew up with just potatoes, eggs, and a little onion with Miracle Whip and mustard dressing. I've never heard of olives in tuna salad either. I haven't made that in a long time, sounds good! I usually just use macaroni, tuna, celery, onion, and Miracle Whip for that. How do you make it? Would it look dumb to finish your sweater with an entirely different colored yard? It is the shoulders that you need to finish, right? Maybe you have enough yarn as it is.

I'm heading to bed. My nose has been running all day and I have a headache. Hope it's not a cold. Have a nice weekend!
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