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Hi ALL....geeze that was fun meeting up w/ Reda and straight away we headed for tomato beers! Hey, they're health drinks, right? But really, how cool is this board...dieting bikers...and meeting Reda was a kick. And then a few days later we found each other in downtown Sturgis. Let me tell ya everyone....her bike is blinged and tres *****in'!

I got back from 6wks on the road and only because I ran out of money. I could live out there forever. One of the best days was getting up before sunrise in Mexican Hat, UT. rode out to Gooseneck St Park and saw the awesome horseshoe bend in the river as the sun rose and eagles soared and screeched. Then, just as I was about to enter Monument Valley, i noticed movement to my left. A group of 7 wild horses were running wild and ran right accross the road in front of me!! No place to pull over but nobody on road so i slowed and watched them frolic off. then, just over the next hill was the exact locatioon of a picture i've been staring at for years. Parked Frank and took the pic with him in it. It continued to be a great day and finished it off by going thru Zion and landing in Cedar City, UT .

Wish I could meet y'all!

xo Sunset
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