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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's humid and sunny although the temperature says it is cooler today. My air is still running however, and we are supposed to be back in the 90s over the weekend into next week. I've been doing laundry and may break down and vacuum upstairs when I finish here.

Maggie -- You talking about eggs made me decide to make deviled eggs this morning. It's been years so I hope they taste ok tonight. I plan to call and check on Momma cat in a couple days. I'm pretty sure she was dumped because she wanted in the house so badly.

Susan -- I hope your stomach stays settled down. Glad your back is feeling better. I've never been to a chiropractor. Have fun at Bella's tomorrow!

"Gma" -- I'm so glad your clothes fit! A lot of my childhood memories are just that since the tornado demolished my grade school and church. The main downtown street still looks the same but someone decided to build a mini mall a block away; that folded a few years ago and was torn down. Some of the stores have been remodeled so it really doesn't seem like the same place to me. My dad built living quarters attached to the business and that now is something else. I would love to go inside and see what it looks like now.

I need to keep moving or will not get anything more done today. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening!
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