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Okay, I need, need, need to get a good exercise program going! I have not been able to get it going since I got back from vacation. That's not to say that I've been inactive. The first week of school is always very active, lots of walking around. Plus I've met a friend to walk one day and I've gone swimming in my pool a few times after school (it's super hot here). But it's not sweaty, lifting, muscley working out, if you know what I mean and it's probably not for long enough. I MISS my running and want to get back to it but it's hard when it's in the 90s, even for indoor running.

Ugh, I'm still hovering right at that 150 border. I REALLY want to break 150 again and permanently. Like as in forever. I mean I'm 1.4 from my first minigoal. Why is it so hard, ugh. You have NO idea how many things I have turned down this week. Doughnuts almost every day this week, FRESH doughnuts, the kind I like, freshly made chocolate chip cookies, other random temptations. I've turned them ALL down this week so I expect a bit of reward for that!

@krampus - CUTE CAT OMG!!!!!!!! What a darling! I really adore my two cats and they are excellent entertainment and company! You're gonna have a good time!

@cattails - so glad you're feeling better!

@hoopty - sounds like things are going really well in general for you! Excellent!!!
Mini-goal 1 = 149
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