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Originally Posted by EllieFunt View Post
Look for the book "Eat fat lose fat" by Dr. Mary Enig & Sally Fallon. I got it out from my library over a year ago because I was curious. I'm not a big fan of coconut so I didn't really read the book other than flip through to see what it was all about. It might answer some questions for you.
Thanks, I have been reading more about the good fats. I know about fish oil and avocados... but still learning and reading about the full benefits of all of these fats. Even grass fed cow butter is supposed to be good for us. I'm a little concerned with all the calories though since the calories can add up quite quickly with all the fats.

Originally Posted by Joanate View Post
I drink coconut water (usually after exercising as its very thirst-quenching) I don't know if it helps to lose weight but at least you don't gain weight on it, and I suppose its much more healthy than sodas and maybe even juices that also contain a lot of sugar. Natural water is better of course but I like the taste of store-bought ones more)
I have read about coconut water replacing electrolytes, and it could make sense that's what gave me energy since I've been sweating alot with it being summer. I eat bananas and fruit but maybe there's other stuff in the coconuts... I never really looked into what foods replace electrolytes and those type of minerals lost when sweating and exercise, figuring just regular food is good enough.

Originally Posted by time2lose View Post
My doctor had me add a tablespoon of coconut oil everyday to something hot. I use coffee. The original issue was constipation and it definitely helped that. She seems to think that it is miracle item and does help with weight loss. She also recommends it as a skin moisturizer. I was concerned because it has 120 calories a tablespoon but she did not want me to even count the calories. (I do anyway.) It may very well be a coincidence, actually probably is, but in the month that I have been using the oil, my rate of loss has slightly increased.
Thanks... I have been reading about putting the oil in coffee, or Bulltetproof coffee as it's been coined with coconut oil and grassfed butter (not as bad as it sounds, lol) I guess it is one of those things that can be a miracle for some and not do much for others. Probably the only way for me to know how it will work for me over the long term is to try it...

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