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Matisse Oh how cool! haha so are you excited with the new year starting? Do you teach high school or college? My classes begin in a little less then two weeks I'm a little nervous. Oh by the way love your new avatar pic!

Water weight is up a bit today from dairy and sodium yesterday. I did a quick calorie count in my head yesterday and I think from my experimenting with intuitive eating that my maintenance cals are 1700-1800ish(on non exercise days of course). I seem to be pretty satisfied on that amount. Which means ideally for weight loss I should be eating 1300 cals per day. I love not counting calories, but I realize I just need to be a bit more mindful when eating to aim for a little less at my meals.

Actually sticking with my strength training stuff Since I haven't had time since the backpacking trip for much cardio, its easier to get it in.
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