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Originally Posted by bimnd113 View Post
Today I am weaning myself from the sweet packets. I have been having a terrible time with hunger, even with extra eggs or tuna and believe the sucralose might be a trigger for this. So, omelets, chicken soup and cheese curls for the next week.
[Quote lisa]I think too many sweets set up cravings in me, too. Great idea. I applaud you. It makes it harder at first but easier in the long-run b/c we won't be eating dessert all the time in maintenance. [/Quote]

echoing that this has been my experience.

w1: 11 lbs; w2: 4 lbs; w3: 3.6 lbs; w4: 5 lbs; w5: 5 lbs;w6: 2.4 lbs; w7: 1.4lbs; w8: 6lbs ; w9: 1lb w10: 4.6 lbs w11: 0lbs w12: 5 lbs; w13: 2 lbs w14: 4 lbs ; w15: no w.i.; w16: 11.5 lbs ; w17: 1 lb; w18: 2.5 lbs; w19: 2 lbs; w20: .5; w21: no w.i.; w22: 9 lbs; w23: 3.5 lbs ...

No longer morbidly obese! Total loss now = 108 lbs. With thanks to the Ideal Protein Diet (a form of ketogenic nutrition)!

Low carb life is my liberation!

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