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HELLO!!! Reda, welcome back from Sturgis (weeks ago, I know) so sorry about the poison sumac but so kewl you met Sun!! GREAT PICS!! she does look like she embraces life, what a vibrant looking chick!


Tammy, HI and i'm a dolt, when you have time can you tell about the pink whip and the person who almost hit you?? (months ago now I guess)

Hi Colleen, and Hi Dawn!

my schedule changed, we did not get a replacement breakfast/lunch cook so we (dinner cook and I) are covering. so i go into work 2 hours earlier each day (except Wed, I have half day off) and stay later each day. So I have NOT worked out in so long. And eating more. So ignore my ticker

I successfully led our local group from one town to the next on our Toy Run last week, then my bike's battery just up and died! Other bikers stopped to help, to no avail. AAA got my bike, and I got a ride with a nice stranger, I tell ya the looks I got from everyone as we pulled into the staging area, with me riding ***** with a stranger Got a new battery and now all is well.

Oh jeez, I had to question a member about why he deviated from the set route (during the Toy Run) and he WENT OFF on me (this guy comes to maybe one meeting every two years, I exaggerate not, he only participates if there is riding involved, or maybe being on TV, never for the grunt work)

All I did was ask if there was a problem why did not bring the group to the designated meeting area, and that maybe more back and forth communication was needed? Um, I am the Vice President of United Motorcyclists of Vermont, I think I'm allowed to question a change of routine, and this guy 'yells' at me on FB, he wrote..."Holly, I could say alot of things, but I will be nice and only communicate that I will never be a part of anything UMV does! Just who do you think you're talking to????'

What a jackass! I am pretty sure that if a MAN said it to him, he would have taken it better, but I guess he only thinks women should make sandwiches in the kitchen and keep quiet.

okay so I am free til 2 pm today, then I go wokr for the Rat B. for a few hours to get my mad money for the week. I WILL workout next, then laundry, then relax a bit.

SO very kewl , again, that Reda and Sun met and love the pics! Ride safe, chicks and dudes
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