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ugh, I meant to run as soon as I got home from school yesterday but I was so wiped out I couldn't think of it. This will end as I get used to the new routine but I'm still disappointed. Today I have a "date" to walk with a friend after school, so at least I'm committed to getting out there and moving.

I'm so frustrated that I am 151 this morning. What? I ate perfectly yesterday so why is the water weight from Sunday's dinner still on? Why does it take so long to get off and so easy to put on? I wouldn't be so anal about speed if I wasn't so close to minigoal #1 and wasn't so grossed out by being in the 150s (which is VERY high for me). I need to get through today with all engines going. I WILL break through that. I never want to see the 150s again. I am fully to blame for it. I let myself creep up this summer, but I really want to leave it in the dust. Am determined.

@moving on - good luck with getting your new routine going, too!
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