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KimberlyP, I just wanted to belatedly reply and tell you how very very sorry I am to hear that you have lost your mom I am three and a half years out from losing my own mother completely unexpectedly and I only began to feel halfway normal about a year ago. You are still in early days of grief and my heart sincerely goes out to you. I can remember that merely getting through the day took a herculean effort - taking care of myself was the absolutely last thing on my mind. Here and there, weave good food choices into your day and week. You will need the quality fuel to get through heavy grieving. Stay hydrated. It will shock you how you will forget to do basic things like remember to drink water. Each day and each meal will be a new opportunity to take care of yourself. Keep trying. You will get through this.

Grief was very bewildering to me. There is no steady glidepath where I would get a little better every day; it waxed and waned. I would be functionally fine one minute and then inexplicably find myself crying in the middle of the grocery store, for example. Just know that those low moments are not setbacks; they really are part of the unpredictable grieving process. I have described it to my friends as splitting in two - the part of me that mentally realized I had lost my mom and was very practical about everything, and the other part that was so traumatized I could hardly function. As I moved through grief over time, those two parts merged back together as I healed. I also remember being hyper focused on my Mom's last hours and minutes for a long time. I can remember people telling me to just think of the good things and the good times, but for a while, I found that completely impossible Hugs to you! You and your family are in my thoughts.

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