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well, I'm up a little today, back to 151.2, but I'm not changing my ticker because I know that it's water weight. Yesterday I did well, but I did have stuff that was higher in sodium, and I did have a handful of potato chips with guacamole. However, I did avoid an ice-cream situation and I didn't have any sweets except for a piece of dark chocolate.

Ugh, I can't seem to get back into running (schedule-wise). My routine is changing right now because I'm back into "school year mode" instead of summer mode. I have to get that under control. Normally I would exercise after school, but today we have a special event in the late afternoon/evening, blah blah blah. I do have a "date" to meet a friend for walking on Tuesday after school. We usually walk around 4-5 miles. I need to get my strength training back up again, too.

@cattails - I hope your pain goes away really soon so that you can get back into your fitness! That would be so frustrating!
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