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If anyone is still watching this thread, how are your juice fasts going/how did they go?

I'm on day 6 and going strong, sort of. I haven't cheated yet, which is saying a lot because I haven't stuck with any diet for longer than 12 hours in probably 10 years. Even though I haven't cheated, I sometimes feel like I might at any minute. I have three kids under 4 that I have to feed (and they eat all day long) and my 17 yo brother lives with me and he likes to cook things that smell really good. My husband is supportive, but he also likes to cook when he is home, so with all this food, it has been a battle. Surprisingly, though, as evidenced by the fact that I am on day 6, it hasn't be too bad. I am not really hungry, but I just WANT food.

I am not sure how long I am going to continue my fast. Honestly I started it with the secret belief that I probably wouldn't last the day, much less several days. I sort of want to try to go for 30, 60, or 100 days, but right now I'm just shooting for 7 or 10 and then I'll reassess. Currently I'm down 11 lbs, and am losing 1 lb a day, which is really good motivation to keep at it. But mostly, I'm just not sure that if I stop now, I'll be able to eat healthfully and not revert to my old ways. I think that the longer I keep it up, the more willpower I am gaining.

Any thoughts (preferably encouraging)?
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