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Default Read Your comments, started New LifeStyle Diet 3 wks now....

I saw the comments and Im ready to give my personal feed back. Im 3 weeks into New LifeStyle diet...maybe -2 pounds.
I love the taste of the food but no luck so far and the cost is very affordable for me.

I have tried Medifast through the help of my Doctor and lost 34 pounds...that has never happened since 1999. The is when I got pregnant
I stopped because the Taste of the food was bad, Cost was very high, Auto payment, and physically upset my digestive system (GI track-doctor said to stop eating it).
I actually lost my appetite because of the thought of eating it made me sick. ...but so far the only diet that helped. Unfortunately, I gained all + 5 pounds back and I'm at the beginning again

Before that I was on SlimFast, never budged weight...
Nutrisystem, Never effected my weight, Taste bad, and $$$...
Atkins, Lost 10-20 and all came back, taste good, and easy to find at Walmart, cost oK because it is mostly real food...
Weight Watchers, lost 20 all came back and really food but always hungry...that was in my 20's so that does not count...wonderful youth!!!!

If you read this far? ....little about me. Late 40's, early-menopausal, 5'8", in 20's 125-140 pounds, 30's 155-160, I have always exercised a hour a day, ate eat low fat, low sugar foods, drink tons of water, drink wine 2x a week, very happy in life, and now on to a endocrinologist doctor + dietitian to get answers?

Maybe this helps someone or not but good luck and give me your feed bad
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