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Most of you know about my beloved mocha frappe that I just cannot give up but it is too high in calories and carbs? Well tonight I figured out a way to make it for less of both! It also keeps to my nutritional requirements. I used only 2/3 scoop of the mocha mix, 1/2 cup almond milk (I've been using almond milk about 1/2 the time recently anyway), the usual tablespoon of peanut butter (unsweetened) and 1/5 scoop of protein powder (vanilla, unsweetened). I tasted it and it was not quite chocolatey enough. My usual frappe is not really chocolatey but is a little. I happened to have some samples of Ovaltine, so put in about 2 t. That gave it a bit more chocolate taste. I thought it would be sweeter then too but it wasn't. My usual mocha is only slightly sweet but this wasn't even that sweet so I added in a little Truvia. I got it a bit sweeter than I really wanted it but it was still really good! I figured the calories at 257. I'd like them lower but the regular mocha with NF milk is about 310 and made with almond milk it is 280. So at least I cut back and the carbs cut from 34 (with NF milk) and 30 (with almond milk) to only 24 gms! I could cut back a little more by reducing the pb to only 2 t too. This was the best I've tasted with less calories.

Another thing I wanted to share. I'm sure I'm not the first to do this but it might be a new idea and helpful to some of you. I don't like using liquid fabric softener and for a long time I had a stockpile of the dryer sheets. I used those up a few months ago, so I started experimenting with other ways of softening. I decided to start making my own softener again, but I don't like using liquid fabric softener in my washer not even vinegar as my washer doesn't reliably put it it when it should and I forget. I also don't like putting it on a cloth and throwing it in the dryer because I either have to keep cloths in the garage where my dryer is and keeping them clean out there can be a problem...lots of dust comes in or bring one out with me and I'd forget. SO, instead of pouring the homemade softener on a cloth, I put it in a spray bottle and I just spray the clothes in the dryer. I make sure it goes on the clothes and not on the dryer interior. I don't like a lot of softener and so far I love this method. I can spray on how much I want..more or less for any load. As the clothes tumble dry it is distributed through the load and I get a mild pleasant smell. Just thought I'd share.

Here's the recipe I'm currently using but I have used other recipes in the past.
I just used this one because I always use up my shampoo and am left with lots of conditioner! I have several bottles of different brands on hand right now. I really like it.

This comes from Hillbilly Housewife originally but I found it somewhere else.
Here's what you'll need:

* 3 cups of vinegar

* 2 cups of cheap hair conditioner (whatever smell you like)

* 6 cups of water

She recommends making up it up in a jug and either using in your washing machine or pouring on old T-shirt rags each time. But I like my method better.

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