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Dh has had to return the bike. There is something in the bike that continually punctures one of the tires as simply replacing the tire does not work. Interestingly just before he discovered this flaw, a friend gave him two bikes! They are not as light or fast as the one he bought, but they fit him (he is short and most don't even with adjusting seats) and will work until he finds something he likes better again, plus we will now have one for our grandson to ride when he is here. So once again, God has provided! And when the time is right and still needed/wanted I'm sure another will be provided. It always amazes me how these things happen. In the past we have been given a very good dishwasher, kitchen range, a washer and dryer set and a pressure washer in the past, all without us even mentioning our needs! The dishwasher and range were new (still in box from manufacturer) and the washer and dishwasher were like new and we are still using them. God has always provided far beyond our expectations.

Otherwise not much happening here.

Glynne - Hope that job opens up for you. I love puttering around my house...I'm sure it's nice to have the time now. I hope you can retire soon.

Sass -Really hoping for good results to those tests!
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