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Hi Everyone

Well, to be honest, this is what I managed to do from my Monday list:

--I did do the dishes, all of them, It was about three sinkfuls. Today I have about one sinkful of dirty dishes, but no verflow onthe flow or the other counters. *credit* this is progress.

--I did clear off the surfaces in the living room: coffee table, chair, futon, plus the floors were swept and loose papers etc. were tossed. The landlord encounter was super easy. I guess cause he sad he just had to replace the belt on his own washing machine at home so our machine problems were undertandable to him. Everything is good.

--I pulled out three bags of canvases but they sit, leaning up against the futon, waiting for me to look at them. I will do that when I get off the computer, before I head out to the art store/garden/take my walk.


--do all the dishes before I go to sleep. I remember it feels great to have a clean sink/kitchen when I get up in the morning.

--pull out one more item from box mountain to sort through tonight/today.

That's it and that's enough.

Bye for now. Check in when you can. Stay focused and things will slowly change bit by bit. even when you think they aren't, they are.
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