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Originally Posted by ICUwishing View Post
I've been overwhelmed lately - haven't even been able to pull together enough time to figure out how to plan for getting unburied. The last three weeks, I've just been dealing with what's in front of me, and as the government has popularized, "kicking the can down the road" on dealing with everything else later. I HATE living in a reactive mode! I'm taking a day off work on Friday to try to siphon in a better opportunity to get my ducks in a row and prioritize.
I can relate! At least with work, I am so busy I only have time to get ready for the next thing in front of me. I hate the feeling when I'm at an event and know I could have prepared better to contribute more, if only I'd had more time. It also continually frustrates me that I can't get any overtime/comp time. I've worked a lot of unpaid overtime this summer and I'm still behind. Is it fall yet? Can't wait.

I have noticed, finally, after almost 2 years of practicing yoga that the weeks I get to yoga I feel much better about how I'm dealing with my stress. The weeks I miss it, not so much. I do think it's making an impact. My teacher has left but another woman I like is taking over the class, so I'm hopeful I'll continue with her.

Jessica, I'm glad to hear the girls are getting so big and the transition back to work is going alright. They are such cuties! Love the pics you put on FB!

Bargoo, I'd join your couch party, too. I was home sick for 2 days a few weeks ago and had my TV almost permanently on HGTV. Apparently they play a lot of "Christian Mingle" commercials throughout the day because by the end of day 2 whenever the song came on ("I want to faaaaall in love with you") I would cringe. It drives me nuts when the same commercials are played over and over again. Maybe streaming a series would be more entertaining? Right now I'm catching up on Downton Abby, but also like Dexter and True Blood. I've heard Breaking Bad and Weeds are good too. Hang in there, I'm thinking of you.

Speaking of reactive, I've got to get back to work. I'm giving a presentation this afternoon and want to review it once more and set up. Hi to everyone I missed, and sorry I couldn't get more personals in. I miss chatting with you guys.
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