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dehtripper I didn't even think about the weight of the pack being a bit more then I've lost! haha

Matisse Wow! What a cool hike! It looks absolutely gorgeous and definitely something to be proud of The .8lb gain I'm sure is just water retention. Whenever I do a big exercise I always gain weight first, then lose it after a few days once my water levels have stabilized and my muscle swelling has gone down. I think when you hike this mountain again next year you will be amazed at how much faster you've gotten and how much easier it is for you. By the way, is your name based off the painter? Are you an artist?

Weight has dropped, but I'm at my parents and their scale reads me differently then mine, so I'm excited to weigh myself on my own scale later I did some clothes shopping yesterday bc I'm in desperate need of clothes that fit. Got some leggings with cool designs, a faux leather peplum skirt, a dress, and me and my sister got matching shirts because we're nerds like that. Its amazing though how much I love shopping and trying on clothes now. My sister is a model and a size 00-1 so I always used to feel so fat going with her, but now I actually don't feel that bad

What do you guys think about shopping/trying on clothes? Love it? Hate it? I hate how I'm a pear and a different size on top then on bottom, do you guys have that problem?
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