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Hello Everyone

Well made it back from Sturgis, and yes me and Sunset got to meet up at the Biker Belle ride, hung out pretty much the whole day, it was great
She is an awesome lady and an inspiration, she has been on her bike since the beginning of July traveling all over and is probably getting home today or tomorrow not sure which day for sure. She is a hoot and you will get that from the picture!!!!

Well before we left I got into some poisonness sumac (I thought it was chiggers) but nope then to top it off I had an allergic reacation to the poison
sumac- but DR put on steroids before leaving then I had to get another weeks worth while out in Sturgis- this stupid stuff keeps spreading for up to 21 days and it is still spreading- some popped up on the arm and legs in the last couple of days- boy does it itch like crazy, but I didn't let it damper my vacation (well maybe alittle as I went to bed early most nights which early for us on vacation is like 10-11pm) I just couldn't put up with itch any longer and needed to take some benedryl!!!!

Here are a couple pictures of Sunset and myself

This photo is myself in the pink, spitfire (she is from deadwood), Sunset, and Hotlips (she is from Mitchell, SD)
Sunset and I met hotlips while we were visiting at the bar waiting for the ride to get started. Not a great picture of me because my eye had been swollen from the stupid sumac stuff and I just didn't even do anything with my hair before riding up there!

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