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Morning all,

Last night was the peak of the Perseids Meteor shower. Been nice and clear the last few nights and OF COURSE it totally clouded up last night. Been here 2 years and have yet to catch a decent star show. If it does happen to be clear, we have a full moon obliterating everything. Might be another opportunity tonight, we'll have to see although I do have to go into the shop tomorrow afternoon. Things are starting to slow down for the summer season - I guess the kids are back in school (it's the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year ) - love that television commercial Less foot traffic in town, people will be coming up for the weekends rather than a weeklong stay which means we get our town back again and I won't have to grocery shop during the week days. I only did $40 in sales for the 4 hours I had the store open. Spent a good part of the time tidying up the store - people were tossing things about again. Then I priced some costume jewelry and rearranged the display cases. DH and I went out for pizza afterwards. It was decent enough - not enough sauce tho and DH did not really care for the mix of cheeses they used - he's more of a straight up mozzarella man. We will still go there for fish fry, might try Monday Chicago hot dog night or Wednesday wing night too just for a change of pace. It's a beautiful day today - no rain in sight for the next 10 days - we are having an awfully dry season. I will have to go water the plants again today and then on to housework. DH will work outside - good weather for that.

Mel - your coffee picture looks so dreary. Please send some rain our way - we certainly could use it and you seem to have an abundance of it - must be picking it up from the Great Lakes as our winds pass east over to you. I'll say you've been inundated with alarms this month. What gives? People get bored in the gray weather??? That's sort of funny about the lady getting a private room because she had bedbugs but I'd have to say I'd be freaking if she lives in the building. Can they be easily passed to other apartments? As for the greenhouse - it served it's purpose well in the spring when I had plants that were still in the trays and I could protect them overnight. At this point it's been storing my garden tools and extra pots for the last 2 months. DH was going to take it down and I told him no as I would have moved my herb pots in there if it got really cold. However, herbs and flowers are starting to fade out - don't think there is much worth saving so I will probably clean out the shelter and let him take it down for the season. DH shored up the frame on the garden itself so that it made it easier to use the plastic tarp but with my tomato crop as sad as it is, not sure I will use that into the fall either. Night time temps are creeping closer to the 30's mark - will probably get there in about 2 more weeks. Are you having a cool season too with all that rain? The only good thing about it being so dry here is that the mosquitoes that were so horrid the beginning of the season have all but disappeared. We're seeing a lot more animals in the yard, no doubt because the grasses and greenery are all dry.

Laura - I'd always get peeved when I dragged my computer home for nothing over the weekend. But on the bright side, that meant you probably spent it doing things for yourself instead of "working for dah man". Good luck with that upcoming project you have due soon.

Michelle - sounds like you had a great weekend on your FB post. Glad you had a fun time. When does the new job start?

Annie - glad you are liking the new laundry pair - I'm sure you'll get set into a new rhythm for getting the proper size loads - no more washing every day. How nice that you scored a cabin! You rarely take a vacation and this sounds like just the relaxing break you need. C will no doubt be in fishing heaven. Cherry on the top for also missing the enrollment period - hope you won't have to go nutzo trying to get everything done before you leave. Maybe you need to just get a nice pot of SILK (ie. no water ) flowers for the front porch. Reminds me of one of the neighbors back in Memphis. Had to go door to door for something we were doing in the neighborhood and I was kind of appalled when I got to one door which was covered in dust, leaves and spider webs. I knew the woman who was just the nicest lady and very particular about herself and the landscaping. She opened the front entry door to me and I didn't want to touch the screen door because it was covered in sticky cobwebs. It was awkward for a moment and they she realized what was going on, got all red in the face and got a broom to clean off the door. She said she never uses the front door - they too use the side door and the garage entrance. We had a good laugh!

Shad - I missed it too - what's with Sunday or is that the dental work you mentioned earlier? Poor kitty - hope she does not have to have too many teeth extracted. Good job on cleaning out the attic. Guess it's good when it's hot up there - keeps one from using it as storage for things you don't really need to keep. I love the idea of a Sophia wall - can't wait to see how it comes out. I tend to agree with you on the charitable donations - I am more and more inclined to support the animals over people.

Ceejay - sounds like you had a nice productive day too. Too bad you didn't get any watermelon out of it

I'd best get on with the day. Have a good one all...
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