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Good Morning, It's a Brand New Day.....Wake up, wake up!! You too Shaddie.!

Broken toe and all, I got the the grass cut and my car cleaned, vacuumed out and all the laundry done. What would normally take me 4 loads to do laundry, I got it all done in two. I tell you that washer and dryer are amazing. Went to Sissy's neighbor's little boy's fall ball baseball game. Oh did that bring back the memories of my kiddos when they were little. It was fun. Had a stomach ache and loo issues most of the weekend. Don't know what started that unless it was too many fresh veggies from the garden. Curtis slightly had it. Of course all is well now that it is Monday and back to work. bleh. I have about 50 packets I have to get together for an enrollment on the 22nd. Lots of PDFs to put together and rate sheets. It is rather fun making the PDFs. C and I are taking the 21st-24th as vacay and heading down to Brown County, Indiana staying in a cabin on the lake with a hot tub. Fishing, tubbing and fun. wink wink. Which also means I won't have to do the enrollment. Yeah!!

Sissy is doing great. Still a lot of morning sickness all day long, guess that would be day sickness rather than just the morning. My will be a girl. Lydia Anne. Everyone think pink. know that if you have a quiet weekend, you week will be h*ll with alarms and muck. Maybe not. Fingers crossed. The picture of the coffee cup in the wind looks so lonely sitting there in the rain window.

CEEG...good for you on decluttering the office. C and I love watermelon. I think we have had 3 this past month. Of course C can eat about half the watermelon in one sitting and that is after he has eaten dinner. lol

HAPPY...think I am going to give up on a hanging pot on the front porch and instead replace it with a wind chime. I just cannot remember to water the stinkin thing. Probably because we do not use the front door. We go in and out through the garage with the opener. I have enough other flowers out there to keep it pretty and colorful. My cukes are flailing around also. Half of the plants are dried and brown. Still have a few cukes but none to brag about at the moment. I have never heard of the Humane Society NOT accepting doggie donations. Must be picky.

SHADDIE...winter is about over for you and here comes fall for us. Altho beautiful, not looking forward to the S word and the cold temps that go with it. Bleh. Would love to see your purple carrots, don't know why I am so intrigued by the thought of them.

Gonna post this and go to page 3 to finish...


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