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Evening all,
Been another busy day, well at least the morning part of it was. This afternoon was devoted to housework and email yelling at the car salesman. I want me new car and I am getting impatient and will shortly be so far over it I may cancel the order and get on with finding something that will actually get to my place.
This morning I dug and spread some more soil, then took to the side garden and dug out all the weeds which are coming from next door. I poured a fair amount of weed killer along the boundary as well and put sleepers along my side of the fence. I doubt that will actually stop the weeds, but it might slow them down. I may have to rethink that garden. I've sorted all the stuff from up in the roof and chucked most of it. Stuff up there I hadn't seen for years and years and years. I didn't even know we still had it. Well we don't any longer, the heat has got to the plastics and cloth stuff and that just disintegrated in my hand so I was dropping handfuls of dust into the bucket at the bottom of the ladder. I suspect DS1 will not want any of his uni text books and will tell me to chuck them.
Then I put the Sophia wall together will a lot of the photos I had on the computer and which I got printed. I need to get some more printed as well. Once it is all up and running I will take a photo of it and post it here.
The afternoon was given over to house work - cleaning up the junk and rubbish and dust from the roof, changing beds, laundry, cleaning - all that junk. So I haven't exactly been idle. I did manage my walking exercise this morning.

Mel - I have been planning this jaunt up in the roof space for a couple of years. I did do some of it and thought I had chucked all the junk, but apparently not. I will categorically state that there is no cr*p up there now.
Funny you should talk about Worldly. I was doing my taxes last night and totting up the donations for the year. All except one donation was for an animal cause. To **** with the people

Happy - sounds like you haven't had a good growing season. We didn't have much of one here this time around. Normally I can get 4 seasonal crops a year. But the winter started off so cold that everything just didn't grow well. Some of them are starting to come away now, now that we have our proper winter weather back. So at best there will only be 3 croppings this year. Fingers By the way, lettuce gets bitter if it has been left growing too long or has not had enough water in the early growth.

Ceejay - nice going on the exercise and the cleaning tidying bit. Strange that the watermelon didn't show up. Maybe she took to it with an axe in her own backyard.

Tomorrow will not be a big work day. The cat goes to the vet for surgery, and I go to town for a chat with M about a job he has for me and also the training school. Then lunch with a friend, pick up a layby and home to pick up the cat. I should still manage to get a bit of yardwork and housework done, if I push it.

And that is about it. Hope I can find the cat in the morning. I have to let her out to allow her to relieve herself, but maybe I can get her back in with some yoghurt or icecream.
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