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More rain this morning, but I did make it to church. My friend never made to cut up her watermelon. So I don't know what is in store today. If she come she comes. I'm not waiting on her.
I'm pleased with all this I got accomplished yesterday. I've started cleaning the office which is getting piled up in junk again. Went through some files and discarded some and need to do some more. Anything under 2003 will be shredded.
Rode the bike for 4.2 miles or twenty minutes.

Ah a Scooby Doo marathon. Sounds like a good day. Your picture of the news paper and coffee reminds me of Laura.

Sounds like you are in a good area to live. Nothing but the animals to bother you. I don't know if it's me but it feels like fall is just around the corner. A nap sound good for this afternoon.

Be careful up in the roof space.

Hello's to the rest. Have a good day
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