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Hi ladies,

Started to do a post this morning and then the Internet bonked out on us. Been rather spotty service lately. Not much we can do about it - part of the problem of living on the outskirts of civilization.

Must have been wake up early day although I did not get up at 4 or 5 am like you crazy people! It's gray and cool and cloudy even though the weather report says it's sunny right now I did a little work in the garden, picked a couple of sad veggies but I think we are rounding out the end of the season. My cucumber plants don't look too good even though they are producing a smaller crop of fruit, the arugula is overgrown, I pulled out the lettuces that were bitter - won't be growing them next year. Got the last of the baby carrots and my sugar snap peas vines are withering out even as they are sending new shoots with a few flowers. Was a complete and total waste of garden bed to grow Roma style plum tomatoes this year. I got a lot of fruit but it is small, hard and is far more suited to lining the rock bed than eating I did get 2 small Early Girl tomatoes which I hope to make into a nice Caprese salad for dinner tonight. My chive plant is huge and needs to be cut back - I guess you lose less flavor if you freeze them than dry them out so I'll be doing that today after I water the garden. The flowers are starting to lose their blooms too. I missed the last 2 autumn color shows here with the trees, hoping to catch it this year. Funny to talk about autumn colors when we should be sweating in mid August but it is what it is.

DH and I went for a ride yesterday - wanted to drop off some large dog watering bowls to the Humane Society but they were not interested so off to the Thrift Shop they went as well as 2 bags of cans (they get cash for them and use it for the animal chow). I had a taste for a burger so we decided to try a place that is just down the road from us on a lake. What a nice place - typical bar and 7 table restaurant but they have a really nice deck with 5 outdoor tables which overlooks a big lake. It was a nice afternoon. Came home, took a nap and spent the rest of the night doing a few house things and then some relaxing. Next thing you know it's morning. I am working at the shop today and I spent a bit too much time having coffee, talking with DH and playing with the cats so I am short for time. Sorry no personals right now, will try and get back here later tonight.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend ladies.
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