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Morning all,
A crisp cool morning here. Still it will be a beautiful day. I think winter is about gone and we are into an early spring since the temps are rising daily. The corn cobs are growing daily - no doubt helped along by the fact that I set the water on yesterday dinner time and forgot about it. The back yard was well awash this morning. There's goes my water bill for the month. I think the beetroot will be ready soon as well, along with the last of the purple carrots. I also notice out there that the pots I planted the lemon and lime bushes in have rotted at the bottom - that's what you get for putting them in wooden 'barrel' size pots made in Vietnam. Sort of cheap and wholly nasty.

Happy - I'm not such a spice person as it seems. I like a little chili but when it begins to blow the taste buds and you can't identify what you are eating then I give up. Far as I am concerned it is supposed to enhance the food, not drown it. Stroganoff - I wait for the commune to produce this masterpiece but if I have to wait too long, I may just have to make it myself. Forget the noodles or rice, I'll have mine with a couple of slices of crusty bread thanks.
Glad you noticed those underdone biscuits otherwise someone would have been coming in to a gawdawful smell one morning and guess who would probably have been blamed.
The vet always talks about raw chicken necks for cleaning the cats teeth however I find that I have to buy them in big bags from the supermarket and then the cat will only look at one once a week and only gets around to eating one a month. Waste of money. As for the toothbrush forget it. I will take her to the vet. I pay them to get scratched.
No finding Asian anything down my way. Very few ads overall.

Mel - thanks for the Christmas cheer. It didn't work. I need someone with a magic wand. I ache in places I didn't know I had places to ache in. Today should see the end of the rubbish in the roof. Now just have to put in some new insulation and a bit of flooring. Might need the DS2 for that tho'. I will certainly need his ute to bring the stuff home in.

Ceejay - not sure that I like my new mower too much yet. Hope you like yours better. If you sweat while mowing that's a good thing, however you must remember to put the fluid back when you have finished. Glad you beat the neighbour to the removal of the old mower.

Michelle - babies don't tend to like being with people they don't know well. The more you see him and play with him the better. I have a better relationship with my great nieces than with my granddaughter, but S is getting better with other people now. Feel better soon.

Annie - Men fret over the darnedest things. Good you could have a laugh about it. I forget some of the pots around here too with the watering but hopefully when I have finished with this garden, they too will have a dripper system which will water them when I forget. Pots unfortunately need a lot of water.

Okay - I won't put my pornographic old VHS's into the old folks home anymore, Nor will I donate suspect books or furniture or knickers for that matter
Time to get dressed and get up in the roof space. With a bit of luck I can be down from there before it gets too hot although today is a lot more cloudy that yesterday which may keep the temps down somewhat.

Back to the ladder!
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