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Hi all,

Started to post today but had to run off with DH and take care of some errands at the last minute. Forgot I was in the middle of something until I came back.

Among other things we picked up Nina from the vet today. It's going on day 3 and she still hasn't "produced". We were starting to get worried about her. I think the problem is that Nina is a VERY good, very clean kitty. Her litter box per se is a small plastic tray that has about 1/4 cup of plastic beads in it. They do this so they can capture the output. However this looks nothing like litter at all and I am afraid that being as clean as she is, she will not go potty if she doesn't think there is a potty available. Case in point, as soon as we brought her home she went downstairs and did number 1 right where she was supposed to. Unfortunately we need a sample of the other stuff. DH is sitting downstairs watching tv and monitoring her. I don't think they wanted to let her go but we were insistent and Doc said it didn't matter if we did the collection or they did. She is home now, crawling all over everything, trying to steal her sister's food - life is back to it's usual ways. Outside of the few errands we ran, didn't get much else done. I did notice as we were driving along several small but nonetheless still there patches of autumn color in the leaves. We got a good soaking rain the other night - just what we needed. I won't go so far as to fall into the cliché of a bad winter, but I think it will be an early autumn for us. At least half the nights this week will see upper 40's for a low overnight temperature.

Michelle - I feel for you with the back issue. I have about had it with mine and can totally relate to your sense of putting out a lot of energy to compensate for what feels out of whack. I hope the chiropractor gives you some relief although for me, it made me far worse. The thing was, people told me I would have some pain at first as they aligned things so I didn't pay much attention to the warning signs that the pain was getting worse and worse. I didn't know what to expect so I could not tell that something was very wrong. I know some people swear by them for relief - I hope they do something for you however I have heard they cannot help if the problem is one of degeneration in the spine. Sounds like you certainly have a very busy household over the next few days. Hope you get to spend some time with your niece and see the new baby. Let me know how you like the 3FC book - I will have to keep an eye out for a copy around this way.

Ceejay - you pose a wise question about the baby dress -what can you possibly do with it? If you can't repurpose it to someone else, perhaps it is best to give it away. If there were a small bonnet or such that was tiny enough to store, that might make more sense to keep. Have to start thinking of what you will take with you when you downsize to retirement. I like Fly Lady's suggestion of only keeping what you absolutely love.

Mel - thanks for the preview of Downton Abbey, season 4. They mention Lady Mary attracting the suitors but what of her poor red haired sister jilted at the altar??? I can't even imagine trying to replace Matthew - he will be sorely missed. My eyes will miss him too I'm glad I had purchased the last 2 episodes of season 3 through iTunes. I'm going to need to review them before the new season starts as I have completely forgotten what was going on and I'm sure there will be a run on copies to borrow from the library as everyone gets up to speed again. Perhaps PBS will marathon Season 3 before the new season starts. Did all the leaks get stopped in your building?

Laura - your comment of the hankies brought back a warm fuzzy for me. My Dad used hankies also. I too learned how to iron doing pillowcases and Dad's hankies. I agree with you on the stainless steel plate working far better on the iron. I had the same experience with a non-stick (which was not so much a non stick finish). I hate ironing period but slacks just about the worst - suit jackets taking the number one spot in my book! Glad you aren't letting the slight weight gain get you down and sounds like you have a good plan in place to deal with it. Very proud of you on that squat challenge. Geez I have enough trouble doing 2 (one up and one down) to get to the floor to peek under the bed to check on the cat when she feels like hiding under the bed skirt. My knees would creak like a sonic boom if I tried to do 240 of them. You definitely are BUFFY the squat-erator!!!!

Shad - I'm sorry your job leads fell through. Just means you have more time to handle things around the house. Good for you for passing on the idea of another government contract - better to tighten the belt a few notches than introduce that kind of torment into your life. I have to admit, I didn't think of azaleas in your yard but it makes perfect sense. Will they bloom for a good part of the year? Ours came in gorgeous colors also but they were generally pastels (although never a yellow) but there were some intense reds and deep pinks too now that I think of it. Lovely bushes those are.

Oh man - poor Annie!!!! Sounds like you broke your poor toe. And on your sore foot on top of it. Why, why, why? I hope this won't be too hard on your leg and that you have some sandals or soft slippers to get by at work. I feel for you sister - will pass you a bottle of my local wine (hope you like whites) to help dull the pain.

I guess I will go call my Mom before my Master Chef show comes on. I think I'll make a nice cup of tea to watch tv to also. My challenge this week is to not eat after 8pm. I got in a bad habit of a late night snack and that's one of the hardest to break. I realize it's also not a good idea to watch food based television shows late at night. Another good reason to start reading again instead of TV. Have a good night all.
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