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You are absolutely right I need some R&R. I think I've burned myself out on going so much. I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning and come to work. But today I've honestly "babysat" the plant. I've been downstairs approximately 4 times and they may not like the way I filled out my sheet so be it.

You may need some R&R too. Hope the chiropractor can help.

I agree that this may be a good sign that you still need some time off. You have been doing a bunch of stuff. You must be in good shape to have moved all that soil and still not complaining about being so sore you can't move

Ouch on the foot. You may need to have an x-ray especially if it turns black.

Did you and the plumber get the leak resolved? How are the 96 year old's doing?

Think I'm going to do some more purging tomorrow. I've got things out in the shed that need going through. And I'm tackling mom's stuff.

Called street and sanitation this morning about picking up the old lawn mower in the morning. I told him we had some mischievous kids in the neighborhood and would like for someone to come and pick it up. He told me to call him in the morning.
Question Do I keep my baby dress that is in mom's stuff or dump it. No one else will want it and I have seen it in years. Can I make a picture of it and keep it that way?
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