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Happy Hump Day ladies -

Today after work, I have a consult with a chiropractor about my back, which is getting progressively worse. It feels like my spine, hips, pelvis and legs are all out of alignment and not working properly, making walking and standing, and now even sitting very painful. I've been to chiropractors years ago for other issues with mixed results...but I figure it's the only thing I haven't tried yet and maybe it will help since everything feels out of alignment and like all my other muscles and joints are being used in ways they weren't intended to be to do simple things like walk and stand. After my chiropractor appointment, I may go to Water Aerobics class if the chiro says it's ok.

Tomorrow, I'm having lunch with a friend from high school who I don't see often enough. She works near where I do, and since I won't be working here much longer, we figured we'd better do lunch. After work, I'm going to my new contract agency to fill out paperwork.

My niece, her husband and the baby will be coming for a visit tomorrow afternoon, and staying until around noon on Friday...then they'll be going to see other relatives in the area. On Friday, my step-mom's brother and his wife will be arriving. I think they're staying a week or so, but my step-mom is taking them up to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite for a few days during that time.

Hmmm, what am I grateful for today: great friends and a wonderful family!

Happy - I hope little Nina is doing better.

Annie - I really think we need to wrap you in bubble wrap. Your poor toe!! I hope your day goes better than your morning.

Laura - Too funny about ironing your dad's hankies. I used to do that too. I don't iron anymore now. Thanks for the kind words about how far I've come. I can hardly believe it myself! I'm so impressed by 230 squats, and then 240 two days later!! Jazzercise and home cooked meals should help with the numbers on the scale.

Mel - So sorry to hear you have another leak. I hope it gets resolved soon so you can relax a bit.

Shad: Bummer that you didn't get to the interview phase for either job. But at least you have some training coming up in the next couple months. You had me laughing at being a less than civil, civil servant. I'm glad your back isn't sore after the lifting, bummer about your shoulders hurting...but you did work hard. Your plants for the garden sound lovely!

Ceejay - Isn't it interesting how gloomy weather can affect our moods. Sending you some sunshine and smiles.

Gotta sign off for now!

Much love and many hugs,

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3) Follow the Bariatric surgery eating plan
4) Make the most of each moment
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