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Evening all,
Just on my way to bed. Can't say it has been a great day. I missed out on both the jobs - didn't even get to the interview. Seems that they found someone by other means in both cases. Not to worry. I do have some casual training coming up in Sept/ Oct. It will make me think again.
One of the recruiters said he had some government work coming up, but I told him that I was a less than civil, civil servant and that I didn't think I was up for another stint of less than sensible projects. I left him laughing about the fact that I said I had only just begun sleeping through the night again and had no wish to change that situation.

Mel - more leaks. Geez, there needs to be a better maintenance plan for this building. Take care

Happy - hope the kitten 'obliged' and is now safely home. Did she chuck up the food at the vets?

Laura - how long did it take to do 230 squats and anyway how did you arrive at that number?

Annie - hope the rain hits soon. And a big OUCH on that toe. Do we have to put you in a plaster cast to prevent this type of thing happening???

Surprisingly my back is not sore at all. But then I rarely have a problem with that. It aches on the odd occasion but nowhere near as bad as Michelle has it. My shoulders seem to have born the brunt of the exercise, but they aren't too bad - not even uncomfortable now. Knees ache somewhat, but hey a few aches and pains that I can live with at my age. Today was a quiet day garden wise. I planted up the Kurume azaleas and put in some hippeastrum bulbs that I dug up from around the back and bought some punnets of pansies, petunias and viola for pots of colour. The basic shades in the azalea garden will be pink and white (kurumes only seem to come in pink and white and maybe a light red) and they are not easy to get around here. I just looked them up and there are white, a couple of pinks, an orange yellow and a red (just for Mel it is called Christmas Cheer). I'd better see if I can get some online since there are some that I never see in my local store. I've also got some purple/blue viola to put around the edges of the garden and a couple of bulbs of Asiatic pink lilies to fill in some holes.
The house is tidy and the laundry is done. I've taken the last of granddaughters left overs down to my niece for her little one. Picked up a multi photo frame to put up for 'Sophia's Wall'. Things are moving along slowly. And so am I now, so it is bedtime for me. Countdown to the weekend I guess. Looking forward to that. No exercise and a let up from the house jobs list.
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