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Morning all.

Shad – Hard work moving all that soil! Hope your back isn’t complaining too much in the morning. We don’t have troubles with bugs in our area thanks to our hard winter freezes, so that’s not an attic worry of mine. Sounds like our attics are similar otherwise – we have no flooring up there except a few pieces of plywood laid out here and there and have to be careful walking around. Good thing we have very little stored up there and almost all of it is reachable while perched at the top of the attic stairs.

Mel – Love that beach photo! Isn’t it amazing that the water can be such a beautiful blue?! I like your new avatar too!! Yeh, I’ve heard there’s a lot of adult humor in those movies, not just enjoyable for kiddies. Hope you get a lot of peace & quiet today.

Annie – Your evening sounded so fun! Too cute that Sassy is so happy to be back with Sis & Co. My evening was alright – I almost talked myself out of going to Jazzercise, but ultimately got myself dressed and out the door. As usual, I was glad I went.

Happy – Sorry your younger kitty was kept at the vet overnight. I hope they find out what the deal is with her. Congrats on staying away from the book sale. When I go to the thrift store I usually end up taking advantage of their 5/$1 paperbacks. Problem is, a lot of the books I read are part of a series and I try to read them in order, but I often buy the ones that come further along than where I’m currently at in the series…so they sit on my bookshelf for a while til I get to them. The fact that I buy them at all is sort of silly because, like you, I can get pretty much any book I want at the library when I want it. Perhaps someday I will learn not to do that. Good for you filling a donation box. This summer I realized that I have a closet full of warm weather tops and not many that I like all that much. I should get rid of them, but the hitch is then I’d have to shop for more. Bleh. Not up for that at the moment. Not sure about the laundry service, though I did have the job of ironing my dad’s handkerchiefs when I was little. No starch, LOL. Yup, back then at least one person I knew still used hankies, LOL. I also spent many hours ironing all my white cotton uniform blouses for school – grade school & HS. So I’m pretty darn good at ironing and don’t actually mind it if I have the time to take my time and can do it in front of the telly. But trying touch up a pair of slacks when I’m trying to get ready for work in the morning is a PITA.

Ceejay – Sorry you’re having tummy troubles. I hope you feel better soon.

Michelle – I’ll have to add those to my “movies to watch” list. So many movies, so little time... Hmmm, have to think which of my parts are good for making that one-pain-free Worldly – I’d say hands, wrists, left arm/shoulder, knees, ankles, feet (for the time being). Back…for the most part, some twinges now and then. Speaking of backs – I’m sorry to hear you’re having bad pain. I hope you get your insurance sorted soon and can get some relief! The fact that you’re so happy right now in spite of the back pain is a sign of how far you’ve come in almost a year, and I’m so glad to write that!!

So I did Jazzercise last night and did my 230 squats in various sets throughout the evening. Thankfully I have a rest day today! Only two more days after that. Whoo!

Weight watchers meeting today. The scale has been up at home the past three days and I was thinking I might skip the weigh-in today. But no, I won’t. I will see a gain, and will have to deal with it. I will try to blame it on TOM, and will try to pass part of the gain off as muscle gain from all those [email protected]#$% squats, but I’ve been tracking my food consistently – including the weekends! – and I know I’ve been eating the wrong things, snacking too much, and going out to eat too frequently. A meeting and “officially” facing up to the gain will hopefully help get me back on track.

I’m not going to the movies tonight - the one they picked is one I think will be entertaining (White House Down), but it starts too late and is at the theater that's far from home (guess it's leaving the theaters now and that's the only place in the general area to see it).

Okay, off to my WW meeting.
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