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*hugs* You guys will be the reason that the weight is going to stay off this time - plus you keep me sane! I love that some of the old gang checks in now and then. Hope we hear from neesy and maddiesmom soon.

Lindy - Your meal plan sounds yummy and like a great solution! And yeah, I know it's really soon to have met her but I don't think I'll be seeing her regularly for a looong time. You are totally right about people moving at different paces

I'm thinking this guy might be a keeper - we'll see... And no, the folks in the pictures are other friends - he was camping with his daughter somewhere else while I was hiking. We are meeting up for lunch tomorrow and going to a concert on friday night - should be fun.

I'm really trying to keep up with exercise - hikes on the weekends, running or walking 4-5 days/wk - and am staying low-carb but the scale isn't budging. I think my body is stuck at this weight. Ughhh!!! Any suggestions? I've been hovering around this same number since march - at least I'm back on the low side of it again - but geez! I so want to be in the 140s and start fitting into some 6s *sigh*. Any suggestions?
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