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Good morning ladies -

Today I am grateful for my step-mom letting me stay with her for awhile. I'm grateful for all my family and friends being so kind, caring and fun. I'm grateful for Santa brightening my day. I am definitely grateful for my new job, and for my current job - as they gave me a job so I could move out to CA and get on with my life.


Shad - Politicians with common sense and politeness...not bloody likely. Good for you to move all that soil! Yes, this new job is a contract job (like my current job), but since my experience much more closely matches the skills needed for this new job, the learning curve won't be nearly as steep as it has been for my current job, and I'll be able to truly hit the ground running and be productive and successful from day 1. Because of this, I think my chances of going "permanent" are much greater with the new job.

Mel - I hope that you get the silent day that you want. I loved baked potatoes...but unfortunately potatoes are among the worst foods for a diabetic, so I rarely eat them.

Laura - When you mentioned kid movies, I saw "Brave" ( in the theatres when it came out. And I recently saw "How to Train Your Dragon" on DVD. Both are very, very good for all ages.

Annie - Glad you had a great evening with the lil man. So funny that you got him laughing at you because you were laughing at him. Speaking of laughing, my stepbrother mentioned to me that he had never seen me so happy or laugh so much as I did Saturday evening during the card party. He said it was great to see. Laughter, fun, love...that's what life is all about, right? Speaking of chicken salad, my stepmom bought some at Costco (do you have Costco there?). She added a bit more celery and some craisins (dried cranberries), and it was so delicious (and easy). Thanks for the congrats...yes, sweet sista, good things have come for me. And I am so grateful for all the blessings in my life. I agree about putting all the good parts of all of us together. I can throw in my feet, ankles and legs up to the knees...and my arms and hands are pretty good too. I think we'd best use someone else back though...maybe Laura's or Shad's?

Ceejay - Sorry you're not feeling good. I hope you feel better soon. You're right...I am happier here than I've been in a long time. No, I don't have to move for this job. But it kind of changes where I might eventually look for a place of my own. I'm not worrying about that yet.

Happy - I hope you have a good day at the shop. Good on ya' for getting stuff together to donate. Good for you for not going to the book sale. There's one this weekend, and I will be going. Last time I went, I got 6 books in perfect condition (3 for my stepbrother and 3 for me) for $2 or $3. I only bought books that I knew my stepbrother and I would want in our permanent collections. One was the 3fatchicks book. ( I'm so sorry that the little kitten had to spend the night at the vets. I hope they figure out the issue and get her home to you soon. So cute about the fawns and baby turkeys. Please take more photos! FrancesStein! What a perfect name for our cobbled together body! You are right about my shining rebirth. That's what it feels like! And people (including you lot) told me it would get better but I was so stuck up to my eyeballs in that ravaging destructive tornado and muck that I just couldn't see it. But you all were right. Thanks so much to all of you for everything! Sorry that I missed the biscuit recipe.

Gotta sign off and get some work done!

Lots of love, gratitude and many hugs to all,

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