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Good morning ladies,

Going into town shortly - another work day at the shop. I work Tuesday and Thursday this week. Yesterday I did go through some things in the basement and put together a box of stuff to donate. That along with some costume jewelry I used to wear a lot for work outfits and have no real use for any more. I am patting myself on the back for self control - yesterday was the Friends of the Library used book sale and though I really wanted to go, I didn't. Told myself that there was no need to spend money buying books since I can borrow for free pretty much anything I want from the library itself. And no clutter afterwards to clean up. Also there are 5 thrift stores in town if I just can't fight the desire to browse

Our poor kitten had to spend the night at the vets. They need a stool sample so they can run tests and diagnose her problem. They said she is eating hearty, loving and affectionate but not producing her "get out of jail" card Hope she is able to comply and come home today. We all miss her. As much as DH might complain at times, he does enjoy both cats and I think it's been good for his mental health. Expensive buggers tho - the money we spend on these animals We have another momma deer who brought her baby to the yard for the first time. The little fawns are soooo cute. Especially when they frolic and dance in the yard. Only 4 baby turkeys this year it seems - better than fifteen I suppose. They are growing quickly too.

Ceejay - hope you feel better later on. I suspect it might be some residual side effects of recent stress.

Annie - Lil Man is at the age that I most start to enjoy them - they can communicate, I LOVE their unfiltered view of the world and it's just so much darn fun to play with them. Glad he brought a big smile to your face. I laughed at your comment about taking all our parts and building one FrancesStein Problem is, I'm sure we'd all fight about who gets to be the one with all the good parts I'm thinking we all have to get our backs and legs back in shape before winter comes and makes them all cramped up and hurting again. I guess Sassy knows how to give a proper welcome home too

Mel - you must really want a quiet day if you kicked Jen out too I hope you get your peace and quiet - I know what you mean about just needing a bit of you and you alone time. Sometimes it's nice to have people to talk to but one also needs balance and some quiet time too. Glad you were able to make the maintenance man's day with a box of goodies. As long as they appreciate them and you can recycle them - that's the important part. Do you ever hear from the maintenance man who reluctantly retired?

Shad - you certainly know how to get things done. Good on yah shifting all that dirt! Is this for a veggie garden or flowers or both? I hope the elections go well and you don't run into the awful divide we have in this country. I fear for the future, I really do. It's good that Romeo and Miss Sunday get along - sometimes it's hard to get 2 cats from 2 different places to accept each other. I'm glad both of ours were in a community environment - makes some things easier - like sharing litter boxes and communal spaces. Do you have a nice bed of rocket in the garden now that it's cooler?

Michelle - congrats on the new job!!!! Hope it's interesting and fun and not so stressful trying to learn and produce at the same time. Yes, I am sure there was a time when your world was so black that it was hard to imagine you'd ever feel happy again but it's like going from a ravaging black destructive tornado to spring and rebirth again. So happy to hear that you are shining again During the bad times it sure is hard to hold on, but enough of us have experienced them to say with confidence - things will get better. And they do. Which sometimes of course leads to another set of issues but that's life Hope the happy times continue - just proves you are where you were meant to be. I DID post the dog biscuit recipe here just a few days ago and I don't seem to see it. I remember looking at it once it got posted to make sure it came out correctly since I did a cut and paste. Wonder how (and why) it's missing Will email it to you...

Laura - congratulations on your new iron. Put it to good use You and Annie can open a laundry service. I understand Shad was pretty good with an iron too - I'll help by vacumning out the lint screen in the dryer and I have several boxes of that Tide washing machine cleaner I will donate to the cause. 230 squats????? my knees are screaming for you. Holy Guacamole - that's a lot of squats. You'll have legs like Popeye But you gotta admire a woman who sticks with a plan

Guess I'll get off the computer for now. I want to take some photos of the stuff I am donating for record keeping purposes but mostly so that in the future I don't tear apart the house looking for something I forgot I gave away

Have a good Tuesday all.
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