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Hey girls -

Hugs for Burgundy - I feel the same way about you girls. So glad we have stuck together this long.

Dance - I do think it is too soon but everyone moves at different speeds and if it feels right, just go with it. You had one guy that didnt want to introduce you to anyone and this one who is moving quick, just goes to show there are no "rules", lol, everyone is different. I'm glad to hear it went well. Is he in any of the pics that you uploaded this weekend?

Everything is going great with me. All 3 kids are back and it is time to get into a routine again. The DF and I decided that the healthy meals were not working for him and the kids (they were always hungry after dinner), so we just started ordering fresh meals to be delivered to the house for just me. They taste amazing and are way better than anything I ever cooked. Also, every meal is no more than 350 calories and it is gluten free with all fresh ingredients, its perfect. And cheap! I get 14 meals a week (lunch and dinner) for $66. And I get to pick my menus. :-)

I have decided to weigh myself once a month to keep getting excited about the weight loss so Ill probably shoot for a couple weeks from now, which will be a month from the last time I weighed in. It is so gratifying to see a "whoosh" from the last time, vs. getting on every day and seeing it go up two pounds, down two pound, etc. I skipped the gym yesterday so I am going at lunch today, and then again after work. I am shooting for a double workout of an hr and a half 2 days a week and then one hour one day a week. So, still doing 4 days a week but just adding a little time for good measure.
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