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Good Tuesday morning/evening all....................

Last night I kept lil man while Sam went to Chris softball game. He had us in stitches. What a character! I literally laughed so hard at him, he started laughing me laughing at him. Dinner was homemade chicken salad with grapes, celery and pecans. YUM with leftover roasted veggies. I brought the rest of the veggies for lunch today but must say they are so good I am having them for breakfast. are you feeling today, needing Hot and Icy on that back? Yikes that is a lot of dirt moving. You know C would probably help you out with the attic, he is so kind hearted. Huge CONGRATS on the new job. WOWSER...see you just gotta believe good things will come and they certainly have for you. Sometimes I actually pinch myself so I know I am not dreaming this wonderful life with Curtis. I am so happy that you are happy!! tell me...who won the wrestling match between you and the lime machine? lol.

LAURA, I mean was your evening, busy as usual with exercise, doggie and life in general?

HAPPY...I had a thought this morning, maybe if we put what good parts each of us have left we could make one person with no pain. We are a Yes, my gait (I feel like a horse saying that) is much different. It went from Igor dragging my foot behind me to limping to barely limping at all.

MELLIE...probably typing over my head? Hope your night was peaceful after the crazy weekend.

Not much else going on...all take care and have a terrific Tuesday/nite.

Hugs. is Sassy's first day back to Sissy's house. She couldn't run fast enough into the house, down the hallway and jump in bed with Sam and Chris. I think she missed them.


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