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Hi guys,

thanks for the support! My doc said I wasn't desaturating. He has given me many different types of sleeping tablets, circadian rhythm tablets, antidepressants, epileptic medication and muscle relaxers but nothing seems to be able to keep me asleep. Some of the tablets did wonders for putting me to sleep really fast though. I have seen a sleep doctor and a dietician and regular doctors in the past. I asked the sleep doctor a few times about my weight and how sleep can affect it or it can affect sleep and all he says is that if I sleep better I will have more energy so might be able to lose weight. When I ask the dietician how diet and weight affect my sleep, she changes the subject. When I ask my regular doctor he just refers me to see the above mentioned "specialists" in the areas.

I'm in Aus and the places I have researched say you need a BMI over 35 which is why I started to consider it.

My regular daily diet usually consists of high fibre cereal or a fruit smoothie for breakfast, sometimes toast if we're out of milk. Lunch is usually left overs of dinner or a sandwich or occasionally a low fat canned soup. Dinner changes but regulars include stirfry chicken and veggies, chicken wraps, some kind of roast meat and veggies, home made hamburgers, fish and salad. Usually don't have dessert, if I do it's usually yogurt. Sometimes we have something sweet like apple pie and ice cream, but not very often.

For snacks I usually have some fresh fruit, or after work some cheese or tuna or milo.

Over the last 18 months I have dramatically cut out pasta, bread and rice. We only have pasta once every 3 or 4 weeks, same with rice. Bread is more like a few times a week. And portion sizes are in line with what the dietician told me I should be eating, which is around 1500-1600 calories a day.

I really don't understand what I'm doing wrong! I'm doing my best to keep portions sizes down but I constantly feel hungry and have the worst sugar cravings. For the most part I ignore the sugar cravings.

I just feel like I have tried so hard over the last few years to get this under control but I cant is there something I am doing wrong?
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