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It must be exciting to get to be grandma again. I shared my mom's birthday and one of my uncle's birthday is the day after mine. A bunch of August babies in our family.
I have to use my tip toes to get the clothes out of the washer.

Wow a 96 year old man still walking his dog!. I hope that I will be able to do that.

I'd been saving my clothes for the week end. I hadn't thought about using a pair of tongs.

We got the rain on Saturday and today. It was much needed. I like children's movies as they are light hearted. Sounds like you had a busy week end.

I've had a good couple of day's at work.
July's paper work has been balanced.
I've been wrestling with the lime machine the past couple of weeks. They finally got some one to come fix it today. The chemical truck also came today. Let's just say I've been a busy person.
I'm grateful for the rain.
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