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Creating a Healthier Me
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Happy Monday ladies,

I had a very nice weekend. On Friday night, D and I went out for dinner and then we came back to the house and watched TV. On Saturday evening, I had friends over for tacos and then we played poker until nearly midnight. Sunday, I got up early to take Santa to the dog park and then came home and helped my step-mom get things ready for a luncheon she's hosting today for several of her lady friends. I'm working from home today. The ladies are about to arrive, so it will be my job to keep Santa from being a pest. I offered to put Santa in day care today, but my step-mom said a couple of the ladies were looking forward to seeing him again.

I was kind of overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude yesterday. When I think of how bad my life was just 11 months ago, and how happy I am now with being back in CA, being close to family and friends, and dating a really nice guy. If someone had told me last autumn that I'd be this happy in less than a year, I would've said they were crazy. Yesterday I took a moment and expressed my tremendous gratitude to my step-mom for letting Santa and me stay with her while I got back on my feet.

I entered a contest of sorts to be among a group to go on a hike in the mountains of New Hampshire with my favorite author and his dog. I really wanted the opportunity to meet this author (and the dog), but I was unsure if I'd be able to do the 5 mile hike with my back being as bad as it's been lately. Turns out, I did not win...and it's probably for the best as I can't walk to the end of the street without pain, and last night just a walk around the block had me in agony. I need to keep walking and do better with the healthy eating...and once my insurance gets straightened out...get to a specialist to see what can be done.

As for work...I had first and second interviews last week for a job that has a MUCH better chance of going permanent than my current job. And I just found out about an hour ago that I GOT THE JOB!!! The learning curve won't be as steep, which will be very nice. It's a longer commute, but it also pays much better, which will help me pay off my credit cards sooner. I may not get to work from home on Mondays AND Fridays anymore, but I'm hopeful that I'll be able to talk my manager into letting me work from home one day per week. I'll either start my new job on 8/19 or sooner if my agency releases me early. It's tough leaving my current position because the people are so nice. But this learning curve has been insanely steep, which is why I haven't produced much actual work in the 3 months I've been there. As a result, even though they haven't said anything, I thought my chances of going permanent were getting slimmer and slimmer. With this new position, I'll essentially have nearly full power of the entire website and I can really use my skills and experience to improve it dramatically! It's very exciting!

Happy - I'm so glad to hear your DH passed his monitor test!! I hope the little kitty feels better very soon. Did you take her to the vet? What did she suggest? As for the older cat, can you distract/play with the little one so that the older one can have your DH's attention? Or does this rivalry tend to happen when you're volunteering at the store? Can you please post or email or facebook me the recipe for the dog biscuits? Now that I have a working oven (courtesy of my step-mom, as opposed to my apartment in Wisconsin that did NOT have a working oven), I could actually make some of these for Santa.

Annie - So nice that you have a new washer/dryer! Too funny that you have to wait longer between washes to have enough clothes to fill it. How is Samantha feeling?

Shad - Glad everything went ok with Romeo. Do he and Sunday get along? Or just avoid each other? Do you have any work assignments coming up?

Mel - So cool that the 96 year young man still walks his dog. Sorry you had a busy weekend with alarms. I hope you're able to relax today.

Ceejay - It's nice you were able to spend time with your cousins. I'm looking forward to seeing mine too. Maybe I can get down to Southern CA this fall.

Laura - Your status as the exercise remains safe. 230 squats? That's insane!! But good for you!!! I really like the brushed nickel finish.

I've got to get back to work and try and accomplish something.

Much love and many hugs,

Say it... shout it... believe it... "I AM GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!"...then DO IT!

"You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there." ~ Edwin Louis Cole

Starting weight: 245
Lap RNY 11/19/2014: 215.5 surgery weight

My Mini Goals:
1) Consume less than 120 grams of carbs, 30 grams of sugar and 1,100 net calories (factoring in exercise) 2) Exercise 6 days per week at least 45 minutes per day
3) Follow the Bariatric surgery eating plan
4) Make the most of each moment
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