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Morning all. Kind of gray out there today, and why I took my umbrella out of my backpack - no idea.

Weekend recap:

Saturday: Jazzercise, thrift store (scored a decent pair of jeans for $1 - whoo!!), bakery (rye bread), laundry, researched irons online (ours bit the dust last week), lunch at the fabulous grinder place, bagel bakery (2 doz. Mini bialys), returned some online ordered items to the Eddie Bauer outlet store; dogwalk, freezer-wrapped the bialys, tacos for dinner, watched part of “Despicable Me”.

Sunday: Newspaper/tea/bialys, weeding in front, more laundry, bought a new iron (BBB 20% off coupon), walmart for various & sundry items, dogwalk, had grilled ear corn & burgers for dinner, watched the rest of the movie. It was very cute. The blueray also had 3 mini-movies (4 min. each) and I had to watch those too. Bf and I will have to borrow all the other kiddie movies we’ve been missing all these years!

I’m grateful for the beautiful weather this weekend. It was nice spending a bit of time on the patio and in the 3-season room with all the windows open (on 3 sides).

Annie – I’m probably a bit less enthused to use my new iron than you are to try out your new washer/dryer, haha. But I will be using it all too soon. Good luck to Sissy at her appointment.

Mel – Every birthday at Pete’s age is a milestone, LOL. That dog and those walks together are what's keeping him up and going! Good for him. Sorry there’s a lot to report today – hope the rest of your day is quiet. And the boss returns tomorrow??? Whew!!

Shad – Glad all went well with Romeo - no blood shed and he didn’t go missing. Hope the attic visit went well. You’ve reminded I need to get some attic items on the list - -finally insulate the skylight framing, and add insulation all over for that matter. We’ve slacked on the upkeep lately and now the list will surely be a mile long. My sweet potato plant is actually in a hanging planter, so that will keep it from setting roots elsewhere. But there won’t be much room for a potato to grow in that pot!!! Maybe I can transplant it into the veg garden…

Ceejay – Glad you had a nice time at the uncle’s bday party. So nice you saw some cousins you hadn’t seen in a while. The retirement talk is making it all real now, huh?? How exciting for you!! But hang in there in the meantime. Good luck with the new mower.

Happy – Good thing you’ve got cool weather to allow you to bake up those dog biscuits in comfort! That’s so nice of you, sure would be nice if others joined in. I’m glad the mosquitos are not so numerous at the moment. Beef & broccoli sounds good to me! Sorry your hip/knee/ankle are still giving you trouble. Is it easing up? Good to keep on moving. The stiffness after sitting just makes it feel worse. Good news re your dh’s heart monitor results! Sounds like the latest fish fry/pizza place will be on the list for a return visit. You’re right re the pedestals for the front load machines – they cost a lot more than you’d think they would for what’s essentially a box/drawer… Thanks for the warning re the rubbed bronze finish – I like that too, but we’ve got a more contemporary look going, so the brushed nickel will be it. I’m going it alone in the squat challenge as of about a week ago – bf claimed his knees were sore, but he never picked it back up. On the plus side, he thinks he’s now feeling better about getting back to the gym, and he went Friday night with a friend of his. Re the squats - only 4 more days to go, and one of those is a rest day. Today I have to do 230!!! I’ll definitely be fitting in some sets during the workday – can’t do all of them at night, and certainly not after my Jazzercise workout.

Hey Michelle!! Hope you had a great weekend out in sunny CA!!

Okay, before any more interruptions, I'm signing off and getting this posted. Have a great day everyone!
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