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Hello everyone and so sorry I've been so absent!!

WELCOME IanG! of course I've seen you on the forum for a while and congrats is too small a word to offer for your success! and YAY for the bike decision!! I hope your lady is on board with the idea also, it is very very helpful when the spouse likes bikes too and yes I'm curious have you ridden before the family came? The state courses are great, that's how I got my endorsement.

So by now Reda must be in The Promised Land and I hope she has some fun for us too sure hope she and Sun meet up at that ride.

Dawn I hope you get the position/hours you want!

Hi Colleen, congrats on your job shift also, 2.50/hour raise is fantastic. and always nice to see your posts on FB.

Hi Tammy! how are things with you and have you been able to ride alot? do I remember you and DH were looking at another house?

Sunster, WOW is all I can say, you are my hero!!! I never go anywhere alone on the bike (out of state I mean) so that is so kewl to me.

Hi Aaron!!

I've been riding alot just commuting which is great of course, my commute is about 44 miles a day of beautiful Vermont scenery with 6 miles of dirt road daily too (good for skills)
We had that long spell of hot weather and I perfected stopping at a convenience store, going into the restroom and soaking my tee shirt with water, put my jacket on over that, buying 2 waters, drink part of one and then pour the rest over my head, and soak my jeans (no kidding!! got lots of weird looks) then rode home . Acts like pure air conditioning, but it only lasted 20 or so minutes but enough time to get home.

Now we're back to typical Vermont weather, 50's at night and about high 70's to low 80's day, pretty nice.

Been SO lax with any thought of 'diet' and my working out has dwindled down to almost nothing, ugh! too hot for a while (we don't have AC) and just so hard to do it early in the morning, and I have no ambition for it when i get home.

If you're on FB you might have seen I captured my Miss (Mrs.) Crossroads Motorcycle Rally title back with my Cherry Pie skit. It was pretty fun. Afterwards I was carrying my prop oven out of the tent, arms wrapped around it and it was blocking my view, I bumped into a biker, he was about 6'5" and he looks down and says "i'll help you with that" and tried to pick the oven AND me up

DH and I were asked, along with our organization (UMV) to take part in a member's father-in-law's funeral procession; he bult and restored trikes. The procession was alot bigger than I thought; 3 trikes led; then about 30 bikes, and the cemetary was almost 30 miles away, I'm glad I had the whole day off! DH had to go back to work when we learned how far the ride would be, he couldn't take that much time away. The family was quite grateful for the show of support for a fellow biker.

We are entering our crazy busy month at work; we are booked every day so every day breakfast is at around 60 ppl, lunch a little lower and dinners at 70 to 80. Thats alot of pastries but its what I love to do right Our breakfast/lunch guy gave his notice which SUX because he knows how busy we are but there was some resentment thing going on. But we just hired his replacement yesterday so hopefully the dinner chef and I won't be stuck with doing extra shifts for long.

OK I should be working out instead of being here but I MISSED being in touch with you all and especially kewl that we're got a few new peeps
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