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Joy, your math is right for me, thanks! And congrats on your loss!

Lene, That's just a little water weight, especially since you stayed within your calorie allowance. Congrats on the losing weight comment!

Yay, bg! That is fantastic!

Congrats Tuscany! And I will try to be good starting tomorrow, lol! (Today's my cheat day. I'm allowed to be bad.)

Woohoo, Pixikat, on another drop!

Turtle, I know it's no fun to have to be patient, but you are doing a great job! Hopefully, you'll see a drop soon.

Good luck on your renewed effort, Wolfgirl! :

Hiya, to ALL joining the challenge!

So today I lost another lb! However, today was my 10-hour travel day to VA. Beach and my allowed cheat day, so I don't know if I am going to go looking for a scale tomorrow, lol! I might give it a day or two. I don't even know if this hotel has a scale in the exercise room, but I'm thinking it should. I didn't go crazy eating, but compared to what I have been eating, it sure felt like it. And the usually forbidden foods (carbs) fill me up so quickly to the point I feel stuffed to the gills! I fully expect to weigh more tomorrow, but then the diet says that's what happens and not to sweat it because in the long run, you keep losing. Worked last week, but I feel like I ate more today, so we'll see. It should be my TOM but I'm 52 and it skips every once in a while and so far it hasn't happened. I'm grateful for that being on vacation, but it does make me feel bloated. Anyway, I'm happy to have lost the lb today! That makes 10!
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3. 164 lbs = "Normal Weight" BMI of 24.9
4. 145 lbs = Goal Weight BMI of 22.0
Stay between 145 lbs and 155 lbs
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